About ExchangeBase

Quality Relationships

At ExchangeBase, technology does not replace human interaction but enhances it by making our people smarter, faster, and more accessible and responsive to you.

With us, you always have a specialist to communicate with directly—by voice, email, text messaging, or any combination of methods that meet the demands of your workday. We listen closely to you. We ask the right questions. We learn about your challenges and changing needs and provide options and solutions in a flexible, respectful, and responsive way.

ExchangeBase is a global technology-based trading firm that is a leader in trading assets for energy markets. We connect energy producers with pipe and equipment from mills, manufacturers, and suppliers worldwide.

ExchangeBase is located in Rocky River, Ohio, but we are a virtual marketplace with international reach. We value the importance of exceptional human relationships, efficient processes, and smart technology.

Our team thrives with passionate people who achieve excellence by paying close attention to all the details that matter to you, your projects, your investors, and your bottom line.

Winning Solutions

Everyone at ExchangeBase prides themselves on doing the job right, so we never lose. If a quote or proposal does not end in our favor today, we will acknowledge that with grace, respect, dignity, and elegance. We will ask for feedback and integrate it into our business processes. We always follow up with a winning solution for customers and vendors.

Smart Technology

Our innovative, proprietary software is the foundation of our success. Our technology locates, tracks, and connects assets from suppliers around the globe with project needs of customers. Our software also helps us find the best options for load-out, storage, transportation, and delivery—anywhere in the world.

Efficient Processes

Information and communication are king. They rule our collaboration with you—and our success. We cannot emphasize this enough. We listen closely. We ask the right questions. We learn about your challenges and needs. We thrive on the big picture and pay attention to all essential details.

Our process looks like this:

Analyze project needs


Develop a solution by connecting project specs and scope with available assets


Present options


Facilitate the transaction


Debrief with customers and suppliers for feedback

Buy, Sell and Trade assets within the energy market with ExchangeBase.